How to plaster a wall

Plastering a wall is always best to leave to an expert who has up to date qualifications and can carry out the work, if you have the skillset to do it yourself below are some points on a material list and tools required and is based on covering 8m2 of skimming.


Dust Sheets and dust masks.

Pva Glue roller and tray.

Plasterboard finish one 25kg bag.

2 Buckets

One for water/ one for mixing in.

Mixing paddle for mixing material.


Step by step guide for plastering wall

First spread the dust sheets within the area you are going to be working in,  covering all floor areas to minimise tidy up time and protect floor surfaces.


Preparing the pva ready to apply to the wall can differ from ratio of water added but personally would make it up at around 70% pva 30% water and mix with a stick or mixing drill.


Poor into tray and roll onto wall from left to right then up and down making sure no areas are missed, allow to dry throughout drying times will vary depending on temperature in the room.


When dry you are ready to mix up your board finish and apply to wall, it should be mixed up to the consistency of thick custard put one even coat on wall followed by a second softer coat to lay in.


Now you are ready to start polishing the wall, usually every 20 minutes allowing to dry in-between times, water is applied to the wall surface and trowelled flat, eventually coming to a polished finish.


After the plaster is completely dry it can be painted or if getting wallpapered good practice is to pva wall for removing paper in the future.

Added: 19 Mar 2020 00:00

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