TempTask PPSC | User Guide

TempTask user guide

Brief user guide

We've put together a brief user guide on the key apects of registering with TempTask PPSC including profile creation, posting and submitting tenders.  

Visit our FAQs to find answers to the most common questions, and our support team is on hand to provide assistance at any time and can be contacted via email enquiries-ppsc@temptask.co.uk to provide assistance or answer any further questions.




It’s quick and easy to register with TempTask.

From our homepage, click the 'Register Now', 'Sign Up Now' or 'Get Started Today' buttons and you will be redirected to our online registration process.

To begin, select whether you wish to register as a CUSTOMER (if you wish to post tenders to TempTask) or a SUBCONTRACTOR  (if you want to tender for matched tenders posted) 

Registration Choice

Your chosen selection will display the correct registration form, appropriate to your situation.

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Customer registration

Registering as a TempTask PPSC customer is quick and easy via our online registration process.  

There is absolutely no cost, commitment or obligation in creating your account, and our platform is flexibly available to use and and when you need.

Customer Reg ScreenshotComplete our quick and easy online registration form and provide your company profile details. 

The information provided will create your TempTask PPSC account, login credentials and enable tender uploading.

Simply provide us with:

  • Profile details
  • Correspondence details
  • Contact and login details

The final step in registration is to accept our terms and conditions.  You can print these if you like, but we also email a copy to you confirming your registration and account approval.

Your TempTask PPSC account will be created in minutes, and you can immediately post your first tender


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Subcontractor registration and profile creation

Subcontractor Reg ScreenshotComplete your profile quickly and easily via our online registration process.

Provide the required information once and this will be visible via your profile to any customer reviewing your tender submissions.  Our detailed matching ensures that you receive only tenders most suited to your company capabilities

Your detailed profile, created from your registration entries wil be visible to customers upon receipt of tenders.

The information collected follows the most frequently required prequalification details for most Main Contractors, with supporting documentation visible to customers for interrogation

Company Details - Provide your company details, company status and VAT registration status

Contact and Login Details - these will be used for to access your TempTask PPSC account, allow us to get in touch and ensure that matched tender enquiries are provided to the key person in your organisation

Financial Information - Provide details of your companys' recent financial performance and attach copies of your most recent report and accounts.  This information will be used to determine approval of your PPSC account and is not made visible to customers

Professional Disclaimers - Provide answers to a selection of key professional disclaimers.  This information will be used to determine approval of your PPSC account and is not made visible to customers

Professional Details - Provide details of accreditations held by your company, your insurances held, company policies and procedures, uploading current certificates for ease of viewing by customers.

State your work element capabilities to ensure that you are matched to the right tenders, selecting all that your company is capable of delivering.

Select the work locations that you cover, to ensure that tenders only within your region are provided

Choose your limit of package size capability to ensure that the right level of tender suitable to your own company circumstances is matched.

Sell your company capabilities with a strong statement about what you can and have achieved

Terms and Conditions - accept our terms and conditions to create your PPSC account.  You can print these if you like, but we provide a copy of these to you within your registration confirmation and account approval emails.

You can edit your profile at any time via the options on your TempTask PPSC dashboard to keep company information up to date and reflect any changes in situation


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Experience portfolio

Project ExamplesProvide a portfolio of previous work that you have undertaken, to display your capabilities and quality of workmanship to customers.

Add a selection of example projects to your profile and regularly update with new projects to keep your profile fresh.

Select the three best examples of your work and provide details of :

  • project,
  • client,
  • works value and
  • a description of the work carried out.

Add imagery to display your completed projects

Your experience portfolio will be visible to customers with your profile view when you submit tenders via Temptask PPSC



Posting tenders to PPSC

It's quick and easy to post a tender to TempTask PPSC with our fully online tender posting process

Posting a tender to TempTask

Post your tender once to be available to all matched subcontractors who purchase access.

Reduce administration burden on procurement and let TempTask PPSC source a wider range of matched, capable subcontractors to tender your next work package

Simply select the packages required, the work location and approximate package value.

Choose the accreditations and insurances requirements for your tender list to ensure detailed matching selects only suitable subcontractors to receive tender invitations.

Add supporting documents to your tender such as invitations to tender, contract conditions, drawings, specifications, employers requirements and pricing documents.  

Upload documents once for your tender for access by all qualifying tenderers


Amending posted tender details

Easily add new documents and information to your tender.

Simultaneous message all tendering subcontractors with updated information.

All subcontractors who have purchased access to the full details of your tender will be automatically notified of any amendments via email alert and can update their tender submission any time up until a preferred tenderer has been selected



Receiving and submitting tenders Via TempTask PPSC

Invites to tender

When a suitably matched tender has been made available on TempTask PPSC you will receive an Invitation to Tender via automated email.

Your invite will contain brief details of

  • the project available,
  • the type of work required,
  • location of the work and
  • project requirements for accreditations and insurances.

If the tender is of interest, simply purchase access to view full details of the project, access uploaded tender information, communicate directly to the client and submit your tender via the TempTask PPSC platform.

Purchasing tender access

Access to individual, suitable tenders can be purchased via our e-commerce gateway, provided by PayPal.

To access full tender details, simply purchase access with an existing PayPal account, or by checking out as a guest with most major credit/debit cards. 

Access to full details of a tender is a one off fee per task of £10.00

Our site is SSL encrypted for your security, and no payment details are held within our site

Viewing accessed tenders

Once access to an individual task has been purchased, you will have visibility of:

  • Customer name and contact details
  • Project address
  • Work types required
  • Location of the works
  • Tender closing date and anticipated start on site date
  • Approximate value of the works
  • Tender narrative provided by the customer
  • All supporting documents uploaded to accompany the tender (invitation to tender, conditions of contract, drawings, specification, pricing documents and the like)

TempTask PPSC also provides a simultaneous messaging facility. 

Customers and subcontractors can raise queries directly to each other via our messaging services, and each message posted is visible to all who have purchased full access to a tender.


Submitting a tender via PPSC


Submit a tender

Submitting tenders is simple with TempTask PPSC.

Simply enter the required fields of information:

  • your nett tender submission value
  • any narrative to provide the customer with further headline information.
  • Upload your covering letter and qualifications, 
  • Upload any completed pricing document to accompany your bid.

You can amend you tender at any time to reflect revisions and receipt of amended tender information up until the customer selects their preferred bidder.