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Benefits for customers

Here's just a few of the key benefits that using TempTask PPSC as your procurement tool for plastering, partitons, suspended ceilings and rendering subcontract packages can bring.


Widened tender base

TempTask PPSC intelligently matches your project requirements against our registered panel of subcontractors.

Our automation invites those with the matched delivery capability the opportunity to purchase access to the full details of your uploaded tender and thereafter to submit their tender for your individual work packages via our platform.  

Increase your supply chain base instantly and engage with new subcontractors without the time and expense of sourcing.

More quotation comparisons 

Increase the quantity of comparative quotations for your tender

Discover new subcontractors to add to you supply chain

Ensure that you achieve best value.  

TempTask PPSC will intelligently match your project needs with suitable subcontractors, increasing tender lists without any additional sourcing or workload

Achieving a more robust spread of tender submissions in order to deliver best value subcontractors

Admin Efficiency

Increase procurement efficiency by allowing TempTask PPSC to source matched subcontractors capable to deliver your next subcontract.  

Upload your tender documentation once for dispatch and visibility to all matched subcontractors.

Review submitted tenders in one place

View company information and accreditations for preferred subcontractors and quickly identify commercial benefits with our ranked tender returns.



Let TempTask PPSC source your supply chain partners.

Add to your existing subcontract database with competent, accreditted subcontractors able to deliver your next project, matched to your prequalification requirements.  

Increase the number of tenderers for each package and achieve a wider spread of prices to achieve commercial best value

free to use

For customers, it's completely free to create your TempTask PPSC account,

There is no cost whatsoever to:

  • post tenders
  • receive tender returns.  

There is no annual subscription charge, no membership fee and no commitment.

Simply use PPSC as and when you need without obligation, cost or commitment

detailed ppsc profiles

TempTask PPSC detailed profiles are available to view for each matched tendering subcontractor.

View key profile information entries containing the most common pre-qualification requirements and access at any time, saving time and effort in obtaining key information.

Easily view contact information, accreditations certificates, insurances, company policies and example procedures directly from your tender dashboard 

Subcontractor experience portfolios showcase examples of each tendering subcontractors experience, capability and quality.

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