TempTask PPSC | Become a PPSC Subcontractor

Become a PPSC SubcontractorIt's quick and easy to register as a TempTask PPSC Subcontractor.

Register today for free, create your profile and receive matched tender enquiries, specific to your trade, capabilities and work locations.


Step 1 - Register and create your account

Step 1

Register today and create your TempTask PPSC subcontractor account quickly and easily with our online registration process.  

TempTask PPSC subcontractor accounts are completely free and without any commitment, membership or subscription charges.

Create your detailed PPSC profile, providing comprehensive company information most commonly requested for prequalification.  

Provide a showcase of example projects undertaken to show customers what you can do.

Edit, update and complete your detailed profile via the options on your account dashboard at any time.

Click here to start your creating your account today.


Step 2 - Produce your experience portfolio

Step 2

Create a portfolio of your projects to display on your profile. 

Select the three most suitable project examples to show what you can do.

These will be visible to customers when reviewing tender submissions and detailed PPSC profiles to showcase your experience, capability and workmanship.

Detail key project details and upload images of work undertaken. 

Step 3 - Receive matched tender invites

Step 3

Our intelligent tender matching ensures that you only receive suitable tenders, linked to your

  • capabilities,
  • work locations,
  • project size and
  • company accreditations.

You will receive brief project details when matched to posted tenders.

Simply decide whether to view full details if the tender is of interest and purchase access to the full tender information.

Step 4 - Access the tenders that suit

Step 4

When suitable tender invites arrive, choose whether to proceed to viewing full tender documentation for an individual fee of only £10.00 per tender.

Make payments drectly through PPSC via our e-commerce gateway providing by PayPal.

Use an existing PayPal account or check out as a guest with any mojor credit / debit card.

Step 5 - Submit your tender online

Step 5

Submit your tender online via the PPSC portal.  

Upload your pricing documents, covering letters and any tender qualifications.

Access your tender and amend at any time up until the cleint selects a preferred bidder and amend your tender if required.

Instantly receive feedback on your tender in comparsion to other tenderers for future reference.